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Serving East Hartford, CT an surrounding towns, Ambiance Stone provides custom granite and marble kitchen countertops fabrication and installation services involve the creation and installation of bespoke countertops made from natural stones, such as granite or marble. Ambiance Stone provides unique and high-quality countertops tailored to the specific design preferences and requirements of East Hartford area homeowners an commercial properties.

Granite, Marble, Quartz Kitchen Countertop Fabrication and Installation in East Hartford, CT

  1. Consultation and Design:
    • Client Interaction: We typically begin by consulting with the client to understand their design preferences, style, and functional requirements.
    • Material Selection: Clients choose the type of natural stone, such as granite or marble, and may select specific colors and patterns.
  2. Measurement and Templating:
    • On-Site Measurement: After the initial consultation, we visit the client’s kitchen to take precise measurements of the countertop area.
    • Templating: Custom templates are created based on these measurements to ensure a precise fit for the countertops.
  3. Material Fabrication:
    • Selection of Slabs: High-quality slabs of granite or marble are selected based on the client’s preferences and the design requirements.
    • Cutting and Shaping: The selected slabs are cut and shaped according to the templates, taking into account the layout, edges, and any special features requested by the client.
  4. Edge Profiling:
    • Edge Design: Clients can choose from various edge profiles (e.g., bullnose, beveled, ogee) to add decorative elements to the countertops.
    • Edge Profiling Process: The edges of the stone slabs are shaped and polished to achieve the desired profile.
  5. Finishing and Sealing:
    • Surface Finishing: The surface of the countertops is polished to enhance the natural beauty of the stone.
    • Sealing: Granite and marble countertops are often sealed to protect against stains and enhance durability.
  6. Installation:
    • Preparation: The existing countertops may be removed, and the area is prepared for the installation of the new custom countertops.
    • Placement: The fabricated countertops are carefully installed, ensuring a precise fit and alignment.
    • Sealing and Final Touches: The installed countertops may be sealed again, and any final adjustments or touches are made.
  7. Clean-Up and Maintenance Guidelines:
    • Clean-Up: We clean the work area and ensure that the kitchen is left in a tidy condition.
    • Maintenance Guidelines: We can provide guidelines on how to care for and maintain their custom granite or marble countertops.

Custom granite and marble countertops in East Hartford, CT add a luxurious and distinctive touch to kitchens, and the fabrication and installation process involves our skilled craftsmanship to achieve a high-quality and visually appealing result. Homeowners can expect a collaborative process with Ambiance Stone to bring their design vision to life.

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