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Ambiance Stone offers kitchen and bathroom countertop fabrication and installation services that involve countertops made from natural or engineered stone materials such as granite, marble, quartz, or soapstone. If you are searching for the best stone countertops near me, then you have come to the right place!

  1. Consultation and Design: The process  begins with a consultation where the client discusses their preferences, budget, and functional requirements for the kitchen or bathroom countertops. We provide guidance on material selection, edge profiles, and design options to suit the client’s needs and aesthetic preferences.
  2. Measurement and Templating: Once the design is finalized, we conduct precise measurements and templates of the countertop area to ensure accurate fabrication and installation. Templating involves creating detailed templates or digital measurements of the countertop layout, including dimensions, cutouts for sinks and appliances, and any special features or requirements.
  3. Material Selection and Fabrication: Based on the approved design and measurements, we select the appropriate stone slab or engineered stone material for the countertops. The selected slabs are then cut, shaped, and fabricated using specialized equipment and techniques to create custom countertops that fit the specified dimensions and design details. This may involve cutting, polishing, edging, and finishing the stone to achieve the desired appearance and quality.
  4. Installation: Once fabrication is complete, the countertops are transported to the installation site and installed by experienced technicians or installers. Installation involves carefully placing the countertops onto the cabinets or support structure, ensuring a precise fit and alignment with adjacent surfaces. We use adhesives, sealants, or mechanical fasteners to secure the countertops in place and create a seamless and level surface.
  5. Sealing and Finishing: After installation, the countertops are sealed using a specialized stone sealer to protect against stains, scratches, and moisture absorption. The sealant is applied evenly to the surface of the countertops and allowed to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, the countertops may be polished or honed to enhance their natural beauty and durability.
  6. Cleanup and Inspection: Once the installation and finishing work is complete, the installation team cleans up the work area and conducts a final inspection to ensure that the countertops meet quality standards and the client’s satisfaction. Any remaining debris or materials are removed, and the countertops are ready for use.

Base in Berlin, CT, Ambiance Stone custom kitchen and bathroom countertop fabrication and installation services. We provide homeowners with high-quality, custom countertops that enhance the beauty, functionality, and value of their living spaces. By working with our experienced professionals and selecting quality materials, homeowners can achieve durable and visually stunning countertops that complement their interior design and lifestyle preferences.

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Base in Berlin, CT, Ambiance Stone services the following an surrounding towns of; New Britain, Newington, Cromwell, Middletown, Portland, Meriden, Wethersfield, West Hartford, Hartford, Bristol, Cheshire, East Hartford, Wolcott, East Hampton, Prospect, Killingworth and beyond!