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Ambiance Stone provides custom marble fireplace mantels and surrounds fabrication and installation services in Hebron, CT an surrounding towns of Tolland County. We focus on creating bespoke fireplace features using marble or other natural stone materials. Here’s an overview of the process and services typically offered:

  1. Consultation and Design: We work closely with clients to discuss their preferences, style preferences, and requirements for the fireplace mantel and surround. Professionals may provide guidance on design elements such as the type of marble, carving details, and overall aesthetic.
  2. Material Selection: We choose from a variety of marble options, each with its unique color, veining, and texture characteristics. The chosen marble will be used to fabricate the fireplace mantel and surround according to the client’s specifications.
  3. Measurement and Templating: Once the design is finalized, we visit the client’s home to take precise measurements of the fireplace space. This ensures that the mantel and surround will fit perfectly during installation. Templating involves creating a template or pattern based on these measurements to guide the fabrication process.
  4. Fabrication: We use advanced machinery and techniques to cut, shape, and finish the chosen marble material according to the provided template. This includes processes such as carving intricate details, honing or polishing the surface, and ensuring precise dimensions for a perfect fit.
  5. Installation: After fabrication is complete, the custom marble fireplace mantel and surround are transported to the client’s home for installation. Installation involves carefully placing the pieces in the designated fireplace space, securing them in place, and ensuring a seamless integration with the surrounding architecture and decor.
  6. Finishing Touches: Once the marble fireplace mantel and surround are installed, we add finishing touches such as decorative accents, molding, or trim to enhance the overall appearance and elegance of the fireplace feature.
  7. Cleanup and Inspection: After installation is complete, our professionals clean up the work area, remove any debris or packaging materials, and inspect the fireplace mantel and surround to ensure they meet quality standards and client satisfaction.
  8. Maintenance and Care Guidelines: We can provide clients with guidance on proper maintenance and care routines to help preserve the beauty and longevity of their custom marble fireplace mantel and surround. This may include recommendations for cleaning products, sealing schedules, and tips for avoiding damage.

Custom marble fireplace mantels and surrounds fabrication and installation services in Hebron, CT by Ambiance Stone delivers exquisite, one-of-a-kind fireplace features that serve as focal points in the home’s interior design. Our services are  tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual clients, resulting in stunning and timeless additions to any living space.

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Our Service Areas:

Base in Berlin, CT, Ambiance Stone services the following an surrounding towns of; New Britain, Newington, Cromwell, Middletown, Portland, Meriden, Wethersfield, West Hartford, Hartford, Bristol, Cheshire, East Hartford, Wolcott, East Hampton, Prospect, Killingworth and beyond!