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Ambience Stone provides custom stone fireplace mantels and surrounds fabrication an installation services in Middletown, CT and surrounding areas. We offer individually crafted and tailored fireplace features made from various types of natural stone. These pieces are designed, fabricated, and installed to meet the specific preferences, style, and dimensions of the client. Here’s an overview of what our custom stone fireplace mantels and surrounds entail:

  1. Design Consultation:
    • The process often begins with a design consultation where the client discusses their vision, style preferences, and any specific design elements they want for their fireplace mantel and surround.
  2. Material Selection:
    • Clients can choose from a variety of natural stones for their fireplace, including limestone, marble, granite, slate, or other types of stone. The choice of stone impacts the overall aesthetic and character of the fireplace.
  3. Custom Design:
    • We work to create a custom design based on the client’s input. This may include unique features, carvings, patterns, or specific dimensions tailored to fit the fireplace and the room’s overall design.
  4. Fabrication:
    • Once the design is finalized, the fabrication process begins. We cut and shape the chosen stone to bring the design to life. This may involve precision carving, detailing, and finishing to create a customized fireplace piece.
  5. Carving and Detailing:
    • Custom stone fireplace mantels often feature intricate carvings and detailing. We can incorporate personalized elements, such as family crests, symbols, or decorative patterns, to make the fireplace unique.
  6. Finishing:
    • After fabrication, the stone pieces undergo finishing processes. This includes polishing, honing, or other treatments to achieve the desired texture and appearance. Finishing enhances the natural beauty of the stone.
  7. Installation Planning:
    • We plan the installation process, considering factors such as the size and weight of the stone pieces, the type of fireplace structure, and any additional structural support needed for proper installation.
  8. Installation:
    • The custom stone mantel and surround pieces are expertly installed around the fireplace area. This involves attaching the mantel above the fireplace and securing the surround to create a cohesive and visually stunning design.
  9. Sealing and Maintenance:
    • After installation, professionals may seal the stone to protect it from stains and damage. They may also provide guidance on proper maintenance to ensure the longevity and beauty of the custom stone fireplace.

Custom stone fireplace mantels and surrounds in Middletown, CT by Ambiance Stone offer homeowners the opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind focal point in their living spaces. The combination of our unique designs, skilled craftsmanship, and the use of natural stone creates a timeless and elegant feature that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the home.

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